A block of stone is an invitation for exploration. The sculptures of the past few years have been done without any preliminary drawings or maquettes. Put the chisel to the stone and trust the ideas to follow.  It takes a long time to carve a stone sculpture and new ideas become apparent while doing so. During the weeks and months of carving, I will notice possible new directions to pursue.  It can be a chisel mark or a shadow on the stone that is a possibility for consideration.

My tendency is to not make monoliths that are solely carved from the periphery. Instead, I develop multiple elements by carving the interior as well as the exterior. I find the interplay of negative and positive space within the stone to be more complex and interesting. Music taught me the importance of not only the notes, but also the pauses between them.  Having the good fortune of family in Hawaii exposed me to the rippled patterns created as multiple lava flows meld or push against each other and become solid rock.  Walking through old lava tubes that once carried molten lava to the coast gave me an appreciation for the shapes that can exist within the stone.

The current pieces are not based on any particular theme.  I let my subconscious run as the conscious part could never plan these out.  I do enjoy when people spend a long time exploring my sculptures and discovering the intricacies within, particularly when they wish to touch them.  My method uses exploration and discovery to create the piece and the intent is to provide those same things for the viewer.

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