After finishing my degree, I went to Pietrasanta Italy to carve and purchase marble.  For 8 months I lived with a family that had a vineyard.  Sometimes I’m just lucky that way.   When harvest time came around,  I helped out and learned the very basics of winemaking.  Pick, crush, and ferment.  I’ve since learned there’s a good bit more involved, but you start there.  After returning, I learned Crane Creek Vineyards was having a harvest party at their new Winery.  Well with my vast experience in such things, it seemed I must attend.  There was wine involved after all.  Well, one thing led to another and I soon planted a dozen vines and my former pasture was now a vineyard…sort of.  Twelve vines just wasn’t enough and over the years more and more were planted until roughly 1000 Cabernet Sauvignon were keeping me busy.  Unfortunately mother nature has decided to reduce the number that were producing. I’m currently looking into other varieties that might be more suitable for the area.  I do not have a winery, so no sales or tastings.


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